Bangladesh Income Tax :

August 21, 2009

Income Tax Rate for assessment year 2011-2012

1. On First Tk. 1,80,000/ of total income = nil
2. On next Tk. 3,00,000/ of total income = 10%
3. on next Tk. 4,00,000/ of total income = 15%
4. on next Tk. 5,00,000/ of total income = 20%
5. on balance of total income = 25%
However in case of women, senior citizen of more than 65 years of old maximum non- assessable limit of total income is Tk. 2,00,000/and disabled persons Tk. 2,50,000/. Provided that , the minimum Tax is Tk. 2000/. Moreover if an assessee paying tax at a highest rate of 25%discloses at least10%higher income during the assessment year 2010-2011 than that of the previous year he will be allowed 10% tax rebate on the tax payable on that higher income.

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